Cable pulling tools and customized solutions for your cable laying work.

Made in Switzerland

Group 8127

Discover our newly developed parachutes, specially designed for use with a compressor.

Made in Switzerland

Fallschirm-Hochdruck minified

Try out our new shuttles, which have been specially developed for use with a compressor.

Made in Switzerland

High pressure shuttle (3)

The market is constantly evolving and needs are changing. We don’t stand still either, but always align the development of our devices and corresponding accessories with current customer requirements.

New requirements, new accessories: The evolution of our devices in the changing times.

The market is changing its requirements – and we are keeping up!

We connect A with B and that from A to Z

We are not number one. We’re not number two either. We are not a number at all!

Flexible, innovative, sustainable and high-quality – these are the attributes we stand for

Our company is an innovative and modern enterprise specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of pull line blowers and cable blowing machines for cable installation for over 40 years.

We place particular value on producing practical products of the highest quality and offering the necessary accessories and spare parts over several years.

Current News

Product upgrade

New, optimized EZ.SPLIT

10.01.2023 1min

We’ve listened attentively and made numerous improvements to optimize your application experience. We are pleased to introduce our latest coup:…
Product development
Our EZ15 Pull Line Blower is now even more multifunctional thanks to the new flexible pipe coupling!Regardless of whether the…
Product upgrade
Are you in possession of an EZ.SPEEDY cable feeding unit? We are pleased to inform you that we have improved…

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